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Life Stages – Clifton Nash

Life Stages

We’ve been working with Mike for the last 18 years, since he was 35. At that time his needs were centred around income protection – to ensure that an income was retained in the event of an illness – and small pension contributions – with an eye on the future.

Trust is often built during these initial, fairly routine forays into financial planning and it is always satisfying that  a very large majority of clients start off with this sort if activity and then, because  they have built trust with us, begin to work with us on a more regular basis as their needs become more complex with time.

Mike was such a person. When the family began to grow, he started thinking about Life Insurance – something which up until that point hadn’t been on his radar at all. Families bring new priorities and as well as life insurance Mike was soon more interested in the performance of his pension as he began to want to increase his contributions.

Life changed again for Mike when he inherited a major share of the family business.  Investments became a priority as well as the understanding of key business planning principles – like exiting and key man insurance.

Over the recent years we’ve been working with Mike to plan his retirement. Inheritance tax (IHT) has been a major concern and so we have used our Lifestyle Modelling Tool to work out his exact needed level of income in retirement based on the type of lifestyle he wants. The beauty of this has been that because we now know that he can retire soon, the numbers that we use are very accurate. That means that Mike can carefully plan the way he invests, and as a result mitigate any IHT liability his family may have.

Mike is now looking forward to retiring next year and it has been a rewarding experience helping him though various life stages with a happy conclusion.

For more information on how we act on behalf of our clients, our payment structures and terms please read our Client Agreement and Value & Service Proposition.

Inheritance Tax planning is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Tax treatment depends on the individual circumstances of each client and may be subject to change in the future

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