Paul Stenning, Jon Stephens, and Marie Stephens

This testimonial is on behalf of Jon and Marie Stephens and myself.

I asked Richard to look into my personal finances to ensure that I could mitigate any potential IHT liability. He did this for me in a very professional and reassuring manner. His detailed knowledge of the world of financial services is clearly evident and you feel entirely confident that his recommendations have your best interest in heart. He made a difficult subject very easy to understand.

As a result, I recommend Richard’s services to close friends of mine who own various properties and they have had nothing but the highest praise for the advice and service Richard has provided to them. I am now on a crusade to get more of my friends to sit down with him as I know they would benefit greatly from his financial expertise.

I have worked in the financial services market place for 30 years and known many financial advisers and that is why I can recommend Richard with total confidence as I know that he is at the top of his field.