Nigel Adams, Managing Director, Severn Bay Corporate Solutions Ltd

I have for many years had a pension plan with Standard Life, on a contracted-out of SERPS basis. This has accumulated a fair amount, as I have actively looked at the performance of the funds and made some changes from time to time.

I have for some time wanted a solution which incorporated active fund management on a regular basis. I asked John to look at the current plan and come up with some alternatives for me.

John conducted a detailed fact find, incorporating my attitude to risk, my needs and objectives and came up with a range of alternatives for me. In the end I chose a provision which means my plan now gets an active review every quarter. In real terms I now have the professional services of a fund manager who does this every day and has his fingers on the investment pulse all the time.

The cost was relatively low for the initial and ongoing service and I have no doubt that the return will far outweigh the cost of this advice and active management.

I would therefore recommend John’s service, advice and recommendations to you all, and I am sure that I will now go to him, whenever I have a financial services need of any kind in the future.

The service and professional way he went about his business was excellent and I should know, I was and IFA myself, up until 2003.

Excellent work, of a very high standard.