Mandy Withers

I found the service received from Richard Wilcox at Clifton Nash to be first-class from start to finish. Normally I have an aversion to speaking with financial consultants, bankers and other so-called experts. Money is often one of those things we often don’t like to talk about – in this case I was more than pleasantly surprised when I shared details of my finances with Richard.

The pre-meeting preparation was helpful to me to focus on the key issues and facilitated an efficient and effective discussion. I found Richard easy to talk to and was impressed with how informed and up to date he was with current financial issues.

The advice I was given was succinct, clear and with no attempt to do anything other than clarifying my thinking. As a result, I have already made a couple of decisions to better place myself financially when the date for retirement finally arrives. I am very happy to recommend Clifton Nash to anyone who wants sound and impartial financial advice – I would suggest that for anyone over 50 it is a must.”