Keith Johnson

I am very pleased to be able to write this letter because your understanding of our situation and the remedies you put in place have been so surprising for Madeleine and myself.

We have all heard you say how often you see clients who bury away brown enveloped letters without reading them. I did not realise until you started delving that I was one of those you talked about. Mind you I did take the letter out of their envelope but sure I didn’t read them. There were always too many words on a page to grab my interest.

Had I of done so, then I would have seen, what you found, which was a nest egg of £20,000 waiting for me to claim, that I had no idea was there.

Perhaps it would have been better to have told me away from the ears of Madeleine but as she has forcefully pointed to me out over a glass of wine that our marriage vows say we share in everything.

Thank you for your guidance and help it is very much appreciated even though I’m down £10,000 or could it be I’m up £10,000