John Williams

I wanted to thank you for your expert help in setting up a company pension scheme for Absolutely PC. As an IT company, my staff is very much about detail and it was no surprise that once the word “pension” was mentioned they had a lot of questions.

It was great that you organised a staff information meeting where you clearly explained all of the options and your reason for recommending the scheme. They bombarded you with a  lot of questions and you were very happy at the end of the meeting that they had the information needed to move ahead with your proposed scheme.

The joining process you made very easy and I particularly appreciated you taking the time to assist me through the technical questions required by the pension provider.

A few months into the scheme and we have a simple but effective pension scheme that is low cost, easy to manage, and that the staff is happy to contribute to.

I’d be very happy to recommend your services to any business considering a company pension scheme and please feel free to pass my number to any business owner wanting to check this recommendation.