Andrew and Vanessa

“On 31st august 2009 my life changed dramatically. I was a Managing Director of a lucrative flooring company. A family man with three children.I was rushed into hospital with no previous warnings and diagnosed with a Brain Haemorrhage, an aneurysm had burst inside my Brain and Iunderwent a life saving coiling procedure.Later on whilst in hospital I suffered a Sub-arachnoid haemorrhage stroke.

This has left me with a significant Brain Injury. I now suffer from fatigue, mood swings, lack of motivation, very short term memory and manymore cognitive problems which do not allow me to work at the moment.

Thanks to John Davis and his continued support I was able to take my Rehabilitation seriously. Because of his Professional and Specialist adviceI was given throughout my self employed career to protect my earnings, my family home and our future I received my Critical Life Cover in fullallowing me to repay my mortgage and secure my family home.

A result of suffering a life threatening injury leaving me with permanent Disabilities. I am also covered byIncome Replacements from three Insurance Companies who pay me whilst I am not working.

John assessed my profits yearly and increased my cover accordingly so in the event of any such illness I was paid relatively to my yearly income.Whilst in Critical condition John took my wife through all the stages of the form filling procedures and was always able to offer consistent supportand advice whilst she herself was struggling to come to terms with our situation.

Johns thoughtful and diplomatic advice, warmth and assertive manner has allowed me to get the reassuranceI need to carry on as normal a life with no financial pressures.”

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